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CCE Center
Coordination Consultation & Evaluation Center / K-3 Reading and Behavior Intervention Project
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Research Centers
University of Texas
University of Kansas
University of Nebraska
University of North Carolina
University of Oregon: Reading
University of Oregon: Behavior


The Coordination, Consultation, and Evaluation (CCE) Center works with six research centers at universities across the United States to facilitate research regarding behavior and/or reading intervention models for K-3 students. The CCE Center provides technical assistance to the research centers and serves in an advisory capacity to the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS). The CCE Center's four main functions are: (1) communication, (2) collaboration and coordination, (3) consultation/technical assistance, and (4) dissemination of information. View diagram of the Organizational Structure and Major Functions of the CCE Center.

The CCE Center is focusing on the following major areas of communication:
  • Coordinating ongoing communications with the project officers and with principal investigators of the six research centers
  • Establishing multiple opportunities for research center directors to share information
  • Facilitating the development and dissemination of annual reports on the research efforts and results of all six centers
  • Soliciting and implementing the recommendations of the National Advisory Board to enhance the quality of the research design and use of the research findings
  • Facilitating the dissemination of results to audiences beyond the research centers in the field of special education, education, and psychology
Collaboration and Coordination
The CCE Center is primarily responsible for facilitating the coordination and analysis of a common database for a tracking sample. Specifically, the following major objectives are the focus of coordination and analysis of the common database:
  • Designing measures and methods for collecting data on the tracking sample for each research center to answer seven common research questions
  • Coordinating the collection of common data across research centers
  • Ensuring the security and orderly management of common data
  • Providing analysis of the common data set
  • Producing annual summary reports of the results of the analysis
Consultation/Technical Assistance
The following areas of consultation are currently part of the CCE Center activities:
  • Providing technical assistance regarding measurement, design, and analysis issues relevant to the common database
  • Providing strategic technical assistance to the six research centers regarding site-specific measurement, design, and analysis issues
  • Providing leadership and support for conducting cost-effectiveness analyses

The following areas of consultation are currently part of the CCE Center activities:

  • Preparing and disseminating reports and documents on research findings and related topics
  • Disseminating best practices to LEAs and schools in practical formats in consultation with OSEP
  • Developing electronic procedures for multisite sharing of data and documents